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Laura Lambuley is a highly accomplished pianist, composer, and producer with a Latin Grammy award to her name. She has established herself as a versatile musician with expertise in multiple styles and cultures, including Colombian and Venezuelan roots, classical music, and jazz.


Growing up in Colombia, Laura was surrounded by a family of music researchers and musicians and began merging different musical languages at a young age. She developed her skills in playing traditional instruments from her home country and studying classical piano, which led to composing and collaborating with musicians from different backgrounds and cultures. Her first album, "Llano en Blanco y Negro," received recognition and invitations to perform at important venues and events, as a representative of a new musical Colombian movement.


Laura's classical and traditional background of study, coupled with a scholarship, eventually led her to study jazz performance in New York followed by her Masters degree at the Florida International University in Miami. During this time, she started the "Laura Lambuley Project" and in 2021 recorded her second album "Mestizo," reflecting her experiences as an immigrant, musician, and mother. The album showcased her exploration of Colombian and Venezuelan traditional music, jazz, and classical music and collaborations with world-class artists such as The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.


Laura has shared the stage with renowned musicians, has performed on important stages across Colombia, Mexico, Jamaica, Spain, and the United States and has been invited by the President of the Republic and the Ministry of Culture of Colombia in many occasions to participate at important events to represent her culture and country Colombia. Laura's professional achievements include several competitions wins in Colombia, including the IX Piano Musical Interpretation in homage to the master Oriol Rangel, the important Luis Angel Arango Library "Lunes de Jóvenes intérpretes" (Mondays of Young Musicians) series, and the Concert Series of the District Institute of Culture and Tourism Awards in the form of Colombian music. She was also rewarded with the ICETEX scholarship "Young Performers 2009" to study piano jazz in New York City and has been invited in various occasions to the prestigious “National Concert Seasons of Banco de la República” by the Bank of the Republic of Colombia. Laura has recently been honored with the prestigious South Arts 2023 Awards-Jazz Road Creative Residency Grant. This grant not only recognizes her talent and achievements but also includes the recording of her third album.

Currently, Laura is deeply immersed in the recording process of her highly anticipated third album, 'Confluences'. As a co-founder of L Music, she spearheads a dynamic platform that merges creativity and education, channeling her rich musical journey into innovative endeavors. Drawing from her background in engineering and music production, as well as her dedication as an educator and supporter of emerging talents, Laura is steadfast in her mission to cultivate the future wave of artists. Her recent contributions extend across diverse projects, including her collaboration on the Latin Grammy-winning album 'Viviré' by Marcos Witt, the heartwarming EP 'Have Yourself a Little Merry Christmas', and the captivating release 'XX' by IL DIVO. Through her multifaceted involvement in the music industry, she continues to bridge past experiences with future aspirations, leaving an indelible mark on the ever-evolving landscape of music.


Laura's professional mission is to showcase the unique diversity and cultural richness of individuals, and how music can serve as a unifying force. Driven by an open mind, creative spirit, hard work, and respect, she is passionate about fostering a world where people can share compassion and connection and celebrate each other's differences. Laura's accomplishments, both in her personal and professional life, demonstrate how diversity, creativity, hard work, and respect can converge to create beautiful music. She remains committed to composing, performing, and teaching music to inspire others to express themselves through the power of music.

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