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Laura Lambuley is a pianist, composer, and producer, across multiple styles and cultures including Colombian and Venezuelan roots, classical music, and Jazz. 

Daughter of the Colombian singer and artist Maria Murcia and composer and professor Nestor Lambuley, since she was a child, and within her family circle, Laura Lambuley has always immersed herself profoundly in the study and practice of a variety of Colombian regional music. She experienced it traditionally alongside the musicians themselves, through dancing, “parrandos”, and through local village fairs and traditional music Festivals. 
Laura began formal piano studies in Colombia at a very young age, and later during her undergraduate studies in classical piano, Laura embarked on a phase of “joropo” music and piano that she named “Llano en blanco y negro”. This, added to her undoubted professional and interpretative qualities, has resulted in a unique and beautiful example of a true path of the development of a well-balanced relationship between Colombian, Venezuelan regional music, and piano repertoire. As a result, in 2008 she released her first album “Llano en blanco y negro” which has been a reference for many pianists and musicians worldwide.

A classical and traditional background of study, and a scholarship eventually gave way to studying jazz performance in New York and then in Miami as a graduate student in piano Jazz at Florida International University FIU. Being in a different country opened the door to play more repertoire and musical styles and introduced her to a whole world of musicians and composers that had backgrounds as diverse as her own. During this time, she started “Laura Lambuley Project” with which she recorded her second album “Mestizo”. In this album Laura reflects her experiences of this phase of her life as an immigrant, musician and mother, and she had the opportunity to continue the exploration of Colombian and Venezuelan traditional music, Jazz and classical music, and do collaborations with world-class artists like The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. 

Laura has shared stage with important musicians from the contemporary musical scene like Edmar Castañeda, Aquiles Báez, Saúl Vera, Samuel Torres, John Benitez, Robert Quintero, Gurrufio Ensemble, among others. She has also participated on important halls from Colombia, Mexico, Jamaica, Spain and United States. Laura was invited by the President of the Republic and the Ministry of Culture of Colombia to participate in the Grand National Concert 2008 and 2010 of the international celebration of the independence of Colombia.  She has won several competitions in Colombia: Winner of first place in the contest IX Piano Musical interpretation in homage to the master ORIOL RANGEL. Winner in the Luis Angel Arango Library "Lunes de Jóvenes intérpretes” (Mondays of Young Musicians), Winner in the Concert Series of the District Institute of Culture and Tourism AWARDS in the form of Colombian music, among others. Laura has been rewarded with important accolades such as the ICETEX scholarship “Young Performers 2009” (to study piano jazz in NY City), and has been invited to the National Concert Seasons by the Bank of the Republic of Colombia.

Alongside her artistic career, Laura Lambuley started teaching piano while finishing her undergraduate piano studies at Fundacion Orquesta Sinfonica Juvenil de Colombia (Youth Symphonic Orchestra of Colombia) and preparing young pianists for university studies at the preparatory program of the FJC District University’s Art Faculty in Colombia. Few years later, at the same institution, she started teaching in the undergraduate piano program. She also had the opportunity to be the director of the Colombian Music Ensemble, member of the Accreditation committee, member of the research team "COMA", and two years before moving to the United States she was the head of the piano department.

Laura is the Co-founder of L Music and L Music Edu, a creative and educational space where she has been working and embracing all her past musical experiences and connecting them in her musical practice, from music production, teaching, to a label company in which she works in the creation and promotion of new music and artists. She is also promoting her latest album Mestizo.

Throughout all her study and professional life, Laura shows the world how diverse, unique, and special we are and the many things we can create with an open mind, creativity, hard work, and respect. It is what drives her to compose new music, perform, and teach budding music students how to express themselves through music. 

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