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Mestizo is an instrumental album that fusions the powerful rhythms of Colombian and Venezuelan joropo, with Jazz music and classical piano. This album explores also different ensambles like piano and Llanera harp, piano and orchestra, and Laura's usual ensemble of piano, cuatro, bass and maracas. 

Produced by Carlos Fernando López, Laura Lambuley.

Laura Lambuley, Piano. Edmar Castañeda, Llanera harp. Rodner Padilla, Electric bass. Algelvis Sánchez, Electric Bass. Henry Linares, Cuatro. Juan Ernesto Laya, Maracas.

Label: L Music-LandL Entertainment,LLC

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"The artwork behind the production of this recording is an excellent example of the real possibility in establishing rewarding bridges between different musical traditions by taking an instrument such as the piano that, although valued in certain circles as exclusively part of the academic repertory, has been and will be present in many types of popular music. What is most interesting here is that the result of the entire process is not only an excellent transcription of “joropo” music (music from the eastern plain lands in Colombia) to other instruments, but also a succeeds in developing a sound of its own, a creative proposal, a cultural venture". (Manuel Bernal)

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